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You are welcomed to the Felician University Community, along with your student. This tight-knit family is characterized by its curiosity, spirit of exploration, and love for those within its fold. Much like yourself, the goal is for your student to succeed. It’s understood that a solid foundation for success starts with a supportive parent or guardian, and within these walls, you will discover all that is required to ensure you are ready to assist your student as they navigate a strong academic journey leading to graduation.

Felician Family Portal

Stay connected to your student while they progress through college in Felician’s one-stop shop parent portal. You will find the resources needed to help your student maintain balance during their education by gaining access to news and events, deadlines, FERPA information, insight into your student’s progress and financial details, announcements, and more.


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Iviswold castle on the rutherford campus

Iviswold Castle on the Rutherford campus.